What Should I Expect At Remedy?

9am Worship Experience (approx. 60 mins) – This is an opportunity to participate in amazing worship experience and receive a Christ centered teaching. Originally created for our volunteers to be able to sit and serve but  quickly turned into a service our guests came to love . This worship experience benefits those who may be pressed on time, someone who is on a detour before heading to another destination, or for those who want to get a taste of the Remedy Experience before fully committing. *This service does not offer childcare

11am Worship Experience (approx. 75-90 mins) – If you enjoy a thriving body of believers who like to drink coffee, converse, and even play ping pong (yes, ping pong) before and after service, this is the service for you and your family. Along with an amazing worship experience, Remedy Kids is open for children 1-12 years old, and there is also a safe environment for teenagers to sit and discuss the speaker’s topic of the day. On the way out, you have the opportunity to meet our Pastors and leaders.

Studio415 Podcast (30-45 mins) - Every Wednesday at 8:00 pm, our Pastors release a podcast that is guaranteed to help you learn, make you laugh and help you grow as a person of faith! Studio415 is found on all streaming platforms.